Biosanitizer H1

sanitizer, moisturizer

Saniswiss biosanitizer H1 is intended for hygienical and surgical hand disinfection without water. The hypoallergic gel features no allergenic substances such as fragrances, perfumes, paraben and phenoxyethanol. For additional safety, the gel has been subjected to extensive dermatological tests. The thixotropic gel, once in contact with the skin, instantly liquifies without the inconvenience of spilling everywhere, making it extremely cost-effective over traditional gels currently available on the market. The eco-friendly formulation features ingredients of organic origin such as bioethanol. biosanitizer H1 includes a broad spectrum efficiency on most germs within 30 sec. for hygienic hand disinfection. It also provides good persistent activity after surgical disinfection.

bactericide EN 1500, EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 12791, active against staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus hirae, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeroginosa. mycobactericide EN 14348 (<30 sec.) active against mycobacterium avium, mycobacterium terrae. yeasticide EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13624 (<30 sec.). virucide EN 14476, norovirus, poliovirus type 1, adenovirus type 5, rotavirus, influenza A / H1N1, BVDV, vaccinia virus, HBV, HCV, HIV, herpes virus, coronavirus (incl. RSV), orthomyxovirus, vaccinia, influenza A / H5N1.

biocide PT1. before use, read the label and the product information. use biocides with caution.

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