Biocleaner C6

cleaner, deodorant

Saniswiss biocleaner C6 is intended for the elimination of smell at its source. C6 is effective durably on every ambient smells in places of life (hospitals, toilets, offices, kitchen, vehicles, etc.), on upholstery fabrics (curtains, carpets, carpeting, etc.) and the specific professiona environments (rubbish landfill, trash, box liner, laboratories, smoking-room, etc.). Saniswiss biocleaner C6 includes enzymatic biosurfactants which target the smells by leaving a fresh and slightly perfumed note. The power of distribution of C6 is strengthened with a long lasting
efficacy. C6 is extremely cost-effective (dilution from 0,20%). One liter hyperconcentrate C6 makes up to 500 liters of ready-to-use solution.

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