Biobug aHP K1

eradicator, deodorant

Saniswiss biobug aHP K1 ready-to-use is an airborne insecticide, active on 13 targets: 3 species of mosquitoes including the tiger mosquito, wasps, hornets, dust mites, food and clothes moths, flies (larvas and adults), ants, house spiders, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, bed bugs and scabies. It is compatible with 4 types of surfaces among which 2 non-porous surfaces and 2 porous surfaces (wood and fabrics including cotton). aHP K1 will eradicate places where insects and dust mites pass and live, for example along baseboards, pipes in cracks and chinks, under furnitures, behind electrical equipments, around doors and windows, on curtains, lace curtains, hangings, carpets, textiles, clothes, bed bases, mattresses, wallpaper, etc. Insecticide aHP K1 benefits of a residual effect after being in contact with insects of 90 days (180 days on certain targets).

mosquitos: Cu Aedes aegypti, lex pipiens, Aedes albopictus, wasp: Vespula sp., hornet: Vespa crabro, dust mites: Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farina, food moth: Ephestia kuehniella, cloth moth: Tineola bisselliella, fleas: Ctenicephalides felis Adults, Ctenocephalides felis Larvae, house spider: Tegeneraria domestic, black ant: Lasius niger, bed bug: Cimex lectularius„ german cockroach: Blattella germanica, oriental cockroach: Blatta orientalis, americano cockroach: Periplaneta Americana, flies: Musca domestica, scabies: Sarcoptes scabiei.
Saniswiss biobug aHP K1 is intended to be used solely with Saniswiss automate aHP.

biocide PT18. before use, read the label and the product information. use biocides with caution.

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