Mrs S’s son was clear from the superbug

Mrs S’s son is a college student studying in London. He presented with recurrent skin infection. When he was back to Hong Kong for vacation, he had a flare up and culture of the skin abscess showed MRSA. He was properly treated with appropriate antibiotics and decolonization therapy but that was deemed insufficient for eradication by his doctor as the environment might have been the reservoir of the MRSA.Therefore a complete household disinfection service was recommended.

  • A pre-disinfection on-site assessment by our professional nurses was performed.
  • Basic information including floor plan and actual layout of the household environment, types of infection and the causative organisms, competency of household members including home helpers were assessed
  • A detailed quotation were issued to Mrs S
  • Disinfection of different parts of the 3-storey house was conducted by an experienced team
  • In addition, 3 cars were disinfected using a portable automate machine
  • Education on hygiene and household disinfection of the home helper by professional nurses
  • Post-disinfection environmental surveillance were carried out to document successful disinfection
  • Mrs S’s son was screened for MRSA three times and was clear from the superbug
  • Use of H2O2 was not shown to have negative impact on his skin problems as well
  • Disinfection of the London apartment was liaised with partners in UK to ensure continuity of care

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